Free Customer Attraction Strategy

If you’ve ever been faced with a really quiet day in your business and wished you could have been able up to have done something to magic up some immediate business there and then? If so, then this may just be able to help next time

If your business relies on repeat customer and you don’t have a way to keep in contact with your customers, then you are almost certainly not optimising their full potential to spend money in your business. You also risk losing that custom to other businesses who DO regularly communicate with their customers.

This is not a new strategy by any means, but it is something that’s not widely known about – and is certainly underused.

It’s completely free and easy to both set up and use – and you can definitely start putting it into action immediately, although it probably won’t really be “working” for your business until it’s been going for at least 3 – 4 weeks.

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Please note: This strategy is most relevant to retail type businesses – restaurants, bars and clubs, coffee shops, hair and beauty salons and specialist retailers etc.

However service based businesses could also use it, may be to send out weekly / monthly tips and ideas that might help their clients. This would keep their business at the forefront of peoples mind for when they might need them again, help to get referrals, or even up-sell them to new and different services at some time in the future.

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