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New WordPress Website Security & Maintenance Package From Customology

For some businesses, appearing at the top of the search engine results (primarily Google & Bing) is absolutely vital.

They may need to generate multiple leads, enquiries and sales every day to survive – and if this is the case they will almost certainly have to resort to investing in Paid Ads in order to gain that prime position. Taking into account its cost against return / profit of course.

For others, search engine ranking is of very little importance because they have other more targeted means to get their business in front of the right people.

For them their website is simply there to provide everything their customers needs to know about their product or service – and help them ‘close the sale’ when they get there by providing the reassurance & confidence they’re looking for to make a buying decision.

For the majority of us though we fall somewhere in between.

Whilst it’s not critical for the success of our business, it would of course be very beneficial if we appear highly whenever anyone is Googling for ‘our product or service’ in ‘our area’.

The good news is that it IS possible to get your website / business to appear on the first page of Google, without having to pay time & time again for the privilege.

New WordPress Website Security & Maintenance Package From Customology

Helping Google to help YOUR business

What you must remember is that Google wants to help your business – when it recognises you provide an excellent option to present to its customers. i.e. People searching for ‘your product / service’ in ‘your area’.

All you need to do is let Google know that you may well be the answer to their visitor’s search request and they will happily recommend your business in their results.

Actually that’s not quite all you need to do because Google now also expects us to give it’s visitors a good experience* when they visit your website. But don’t worry, we’ll cover that too.

* There are a number of things Google now expects in giving its visitors a good experience, but amongst the most important are that your website is optimised for mobile, fast loading & ‘secure’.

Giving Google what it wants

Every Customology website is created with Google-friendly principles & good practice at it’s very core.

i) There is essentially now an expectation from Google that a website should have SSL Security Certificate attached so that it leads with https rather than http. It now highlights all websites beginning with https as Secure and those on just http as Not Secure.

ii) Many little things about the way a website is built contribute to its ultimate page loading speed. One of the most important aspects is the sizing of images. Both its physical size – width & height – and its file size – measured in kb & MB. The importance of optimising images to strike the right balance between file size and picture quality cannot be overstated.

iii) It probably won’t surprise you to hear that nowadays more people visit a website from a mobile phone than any other device. On average I find that 60% of visitors are from mobile, 30% from desktop / laptop & 10% from a tablet. I make sure that your website and business are optimised for all different devices. Yes for the benefit of Google, but more importantly for your visitors.

iv) On top of these (and more) Google essentials, I also include a basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Pack in every website. This involves creating a Sitemap that Google can pick up on, Title Tags (which appear in the browser tabs) and short descriptions for all key pages too. I also make sure that all images uploaded to your site have relevant names & titles which can be found by the search engines and link back to your website.

All these things will help to highlight your website to Google and present it in a good light, making it more likely to favour and feature you more highly in its results.

But with so many other websites perhaps having similar practices, how can you increase your chances of standing out even more?

SEO Booster Pack

Having done the basics right in presenting your website to Google, there is of course more work that can be done to strengthen its recognition of your business.

For businesses whom getting to the very top of Google’s organic search results are a priority, then there are companies that will work on a ongoing monthly basis to try and achieve this for you. For most businesses though the cost of such a service is prohibitive and results can never be guaranteed.

I offer a one-off service (for around the same cost as a company may charge every month), that can really help to give your website a huge boost up the Google rankings.

What results can be achieved?

I have quite a few examples of clients appearing highly on Google for ‘their service’ in ‘their location’ – some at the very top. One that I recorded “before & after” figures for was a client who is a financial advisor. We had four different key search terms that we identified and targeted.

Keyword term 1: Was in 11th position in Google before the SEO Booster Pack work was carried out. 1 month later he’d risen to 4th, and 1 year later he was still in 4th position
Keyword term 2: Was in 24th position in Google, 1 month later he’d risen to 3rd, and 1 year later he was still in 5th position
Keyword term 3: Was in 36th position in Google, 1 month later he’d risen to 6th, and 1 year later he was still in 7th position
Keyword term 4: Was in 43rd position in Google, 1 month later he’d risen to 8th, and 1 year later he was still in 8th position

The fantastic thing here is that he managed to pretty much maintain all the gains he made, one year on, without any real further work.

What work is involved?

The SEO Booster Pack is an exercise in creating profiles on free online local business directories, which then link directly back to your website. Google sees these links as further proof that you are a genuine & worthy business to present to its visitors in its search engine results.

Firstly I create a business page in the Google Business Directory itself and also in the Bing Directory. I make sure that the details are completed as comprehensively as possible and include images which are also important.

I then create listings on another 10-12 other online business directories such as Yell, Scoot, Free Index, Cyclex & more. To be honest, there is nothing particularly technical about the work, but it is time-consuming because some of the directories require quite a bit of detail before accepting your business listing. I assume this is to deter spam entries?

Many of the directories carry out their own basic online checks of the business before accepting & publishing the listing and I follow the process until it is completed.

I will need temporary access to an existing Google / GMail account you have, or I can create a brand new one for your business.

At the end of the work, you will get a Word doc with all the Online Directories accounts and listing details.

How much does it cost?

The work involves;

– creating and adding the content for the business pages & listings,
– following up on the directories approval process until completed,
– providing a full report of all the directory listing details

… and takes 12-15 hours of work in total (over a period of around 7-10 days).

The total cost of everything within the SEO Booster Pack is a one-off £350.

What do I do next?

If you have any questions whatsoever or would like to order the SEO Booster Pack for your website then please do Get in Touch.

NB. No efforts to improve a website’s search engine ranking can ever be guaranteed. The effectiveness of any work is dependent on a wide number of factors, including the competition in your sector and how much effort they are putting into enhancing their position in Google too.

In my experience to date however, I have never not known it to deliver a significant benefit to any business I’ve carried out the work for.

Many images for this page were taken from the quirky, free download, Gratisography website