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Providing Protection & Peace of Mind

In some ways your website is similar to your car. Even though you’ve bought it brand new and with everything working perfectly, it still needs regular care and attention to maintain its peak performance – and to prevent it from breaking down!

It has “moving parts” like a car (the website theme and ‘plugins’ that provide extra functionality) – and if you don’t look after and maintain it regularly then you could possibly experience problems in the future.

On top of this there are unfortunately always ‘bad guys’ trying to break into websites and steal them, otherwise known as ‘hackers’. They generally do this for no other reason than for the ‘fun’ of it – and because they can!

I do of course take measures to make sure your website is as secure as possible when it’s built and handed over, but going forward it will need to be monitored and updated when necessary.

You can certainly do all the monitoring and maintenance work yourself, or use someone within the business, and if you’d like to do this then I can show you how.

However if you’d like the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of for you then I can do that too, with my Website Maintenance, Management & Ongoing Support Package.

New WordPress Website Security & Maintenance Package From Customology

What is included in the Website Maintenance, Management & Support Package?

– Monitoring and enabling your website system & theme updates

– Monitoring and enabling any website ‘plugin’ updates (These are extra bits of software which add functionality to your site – such as Automated Back Up Procedures, Firewall Security Protection, SEO Enhancement, Social Media buttons, Contact Forms, and more)

– Monitoring the Firewall Security software which protects your website and warns of hackers, bots and spam

– Carrying out a monthly check to make sure (as far as possible) that your website is not showing any signs of Malware (viruses)

– Maintaining a recent Back Up of your website so it can be quickly restored if it is hacked or affected by a virus etc

– Sending a test message to your website Contact Form to make sure that enquiries are being received

– Monthly reporting on your website visitor numbers and other important information from your Google Analytics traffic monitoring account

– Being on hand to answer any questions or queries, either by phone or email. Up to an hour of communication and/or updates every month

– Any extra work charged a Preferential Client Rate of just £30 per hour – a discount of 45% Off my regular rate (£55 ph).

– Keeping you up to date with any new ideas or better functionality which could be added to bring a benefit to your website or business.

Google Analytics Reporting from Customology

What’s not included in the package?

Security Protection Package For Your WordPress Website

– The work in restoring a hacked site – if it takes longer than one hour to fix

– Regular reviewing and updating of the website’s content & ongoing Search Engine Optimisation work etc – unless requested or instructed

– Work to improve your website’s loading speed which is an important consideration with Google. This is optimised when your website is built and handed over but can drop and need more attention over time

– Domain renewal and hosting fees.

Security Protection Package For Your WordPress Website

How much does it cost?

Just £50 pm* – for peace of mind that everything is being taken care of to reduce the risk and possibility of the website being down and potential loss of accessibility and business.

* When paid annually – £55 pm when paid monthly by standing order.

NB. With technology, you can never be 100% sure – if a clever & determined person wants to hack your site then they will – but I will do whatever is necessary to restore service ASAP should the worst happen.

What do I do next?

Please do Get in Touch if you have any questions, or if you’d like to take up the Website Maintenance, Management & Support Package.


** There is a sliding scale discount of between 15% & 30% for 2 to 5+ sites under contract.