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If you’re a tradesperson or local service provider, there’s probably never been a better time to be in business for yourself. We all want our homes to be nicer and our lives to be easier and we’re less inclined to want to do it ourselves. Or be able.

If you’re a skilled and professional builder, electrician, plumber, home improvement specialist, garden services provider, cleaning company etc, then there will always be people looking for your services.

The flip side is that as more tradespeople and service providers start out in business by themselves to fulfill this need, then the more competition there is for the available work.

So what can you do to in order to not only survive but grow and build your business to be as big as you wish to be?

Well, the first thing is of course to do a great job and then you will hopefully get some repeat business from your happy customers and also recommendations to their friends & family.

Next, you will almost certainly need to promote and market your services in some other ways to reach a wider audience. This could be through local networking meetings, joining a business group such as a Chamber of Commerce, flyers, Ads in local newspapers and/or business listing magazines, signage on your works vehicle, Social Media, etc.

There are many ways, but with each you need to ‘point’ them somewhere to find out more about you and your services. And for most businesses, a website will be the ideal option.

Why Trades & Services Businesses Need A Website

Most of us now head straight online whenever we’re about to make any type of ‘buying decision’.

Whether we’re looking to buy a car, book a holiday, go for a meal out, or have some work done in our home, we go to the internet to do some research before making that decision.

We’re looking for more details, we’re looking for reviews or testimonials, but more than anything we’re looking for confidence and reassurance in making the right decision.

There is now pretty much an expectation that any serious business will have its own website – and trepidation if it hasn’t. Maybe you’re the same?

On the page Websites For Hairdressers, I have listed some benefits of having a website that actually applies to ALL businesses, not just hairdressers. You can read these benefits HERE

What Benefit Might A Website Be To YOUR Business?

There are a wide variety of reasons and potential benefits to having a website, whatever business you’re in and stage you’re at in your business.

1. Bring In More Enquiries & Business. As a minimum, a professional, well-presented website will bring in more enquiries and business – when people find and visit it. They may come to your site after finding you on an internet search, from a personal recommendation, or from one of the means of marketing your business mentioned above.

2. Present Examples Of Previous Work. Having a website with photo’s, testimonials and even short case studies about previous work you’ve done (as I’ve done here) can be extremely powerful and persuasive in getting new business. Even if you already have sufficient enquiries and work overall, this can be used to highlight & target the type of work you’d like to do more of. Whether this is because you enjoy it more, or it’s more profitable.

3. Increase Your Profile & Positioning Amongst Competitors. Unless it’s a very strong personal recommendation, people will often research a few alternatives before making their final decision. Having a quality website which not only looks good but anticipates and answers their questions, increases the perception of your business against others. In doing so you’ll find you don’t necessarily need to the ‘cheapest’ because people are usually prepared to pay a bit more for a quality service.

4. Expand Your Business Beyond Yourself. If there’s only ever you working in your business your income will always be capped by the number of hours in the week and the highest possible price you can charge for the service you provide. Only by taking on others to work with you can you break through this barrier and a good website can help to bring in the extra leads and business you need to expand.

5. Increase Its Value In Preparation For Sale. One day in the future you may wish to slow down or even stop working altogether. If selling your business on is part of your ‘exit plan’ then not only will a professional quality website influence a potential buyer’s perception of your business, but a history of being able to pull in regular enquiries and work will almost certainly increase its value.

Whatever you want from your business your website can play an important, integral part in delivering it for you. And much more besides.

Why Customology?

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to help many different types of businesses over the years.

Many web designers may create the layout of the site itself, but ask you to provide the main content for them to ‘cut & paste’ into it. I take the time to understand more about your business so I can create the majority of the written content for your site – and even help with images too.

And it’s not just about creating a website. I can also provide ideas, guidance, and other services to help make sure that your website doesn’t just look good, but goes on to deliver everything you want it to be for your business, for many years to come.

Please do check out some of my previous projects and testimonials and then why not get in touch for a free, no obligation chat on how creating a professional online presence can help in growing your business.

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