Building relationships and regular repeat business...

Have you ever been faced with a really quiet day in your business and wished you could have just picked up the phone, or gone to your computer, and been able to drum up some instant business there and then? Not brand new customers of course, but previous, happy, existing customers that you call upon – and entice and incentivise – to come back again, in your hour of need…

Having a loyalty programme in your business is a great way to build that all important connection and relationship with your customers. And a great way – when done properly – to get your customers to come back and spend more money with you time and time again.

To find out more about what a customised and personally branded loyalty programme could do for your business, please click on the link to visit the separate Customloyalty website – or see more details below.

A video from Steve Carter at Startup Success on the 5 Reasons Small Businesses should consider a customer loyalty programme

Customloyalty provides an opportunity to create your own personalised and effective Loyalty or VIP Card Programme – encouraging more customers to come back more often and spend more money in your business.

But an effective and successful loyalty programme is not just about giving out a card and hoping they’ll come back– the chances are they won’t. It’s about knowing who they are and being able to encourage and incentivise them to come back.

The Customloyalty Programme is about building relationships. Having your customers contact details means that we can keep in regular contact with them with attractive offers and promotions – helping ensure that they do indeed make return visits and repeat purchases.

With the Customloyalty Programme I take care of everything you need to establish your own customised and personally branded loyalty programme. Simply encourage your customers to join your loyalty programme and I do the rest – sending out regular messages to your members with promotions and offers we work with you to create.


The REAL benefits of the Customloyalty Programme

– It’s an easy way to build a database of your customers details – name, email, mobile phone, postal address, even Birthdays, so you can connect with and contact them whenever you want.

– No complicated Content Management System (CMS) to learn and manage – we send out email and / or text messages on your behalf.

– Unlike being part of a generic Loyalty Scheme such as Hi-Life or Tastecard, YOU have the data on your customers and can decide upon your own offers, promotions and incentives. And you have total flexibility and autonomy on when and where to run them.

– Leads to a more consistent level of business, as it can be used to encourage more customers at the quieter times.

– It’s an opportunity to communicate regularly with your customers which builds a stronger relationship and always puts you ‘front of mind’ when they next need your service

– Makes customers feel more cherished and valued – and over time you can convert them to advocates, to ambassadors, and then into raving fans for your business!


Extra Opportunities with the Customloyalty Programme

– Send emails and texts encouraging your new members to leave reviews for you on Google, Trip Advisor or other relevant directory websites.

– Encourage your members to bring in their friends and family (ie, potential new customers and members) with larger party group offers.

– Survey your members to see what they like about you – and what would like you to do differently / better.

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