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Gravitas Property Group is a sister business and website to the Gravitas Contracts Ltd site that I built a year before in early 2018.

The new company is a partnership between Craig Mitchell of Gravitas Contracts and Alan King who is the Managing Director of another specialist building consulting company.

The difference between the new and initial business is that Gravitas Property Group is a Property Development company rather than a Building Contractor.

Alan liked the look and styling of Craig’s current site and so was happy to keep the design very similar to maintain a consistency in branding between two.

As well as creating different page titles and written content for this website many of the images were changed to display more exterior shots than internal ones.

I kept the distinctive curve at the bottom of the pager header images but made it a bit ‘flatter’ and not so convex as the original design. I then went back to the previous site and amended this and a few other styling updates on to there too.

There are still a number of (small) design differences between the two – as well as in the written content and images – but enough similarities to maintain a strong consistent identity across the brand.

I was also asked to add a blog page to this site – under Media Centre – which the business owners will add to over time.

Click here to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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