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KickStart Wellness


I first met Rob & Liz Linden in mid 2018, at a new networking group in the town where we live. We got on well and after a further meeting to get to know more about each others businesses they asked me if I would create a website for their new business.

Their business came about from a long term passion for health & wellness, which you can find out a little bit more about on the About Us page on their website.

The KickStart Wellness business has three core elements to it; Reiki treatments & courses, Magnetix Wellness jewellery and lifestyle products and a very interesting new supplement called Protandim.

But rather than name these three different elements exactly as they are (which other’s will also offer, if not collectively) I decided to frame them by what benefit they bring – preceded by the word ‘Natural’ because that’s what they all are.

Rob and Liz already had the business name and domain, but no logo or branding at all. So I started with the logo by approaching another member of the networking group who we both knew. The logo gave us some great colours which I integrated into the website as the colouring for the three different elements.

The biggest challenge with this website was that it started from a completely clean slate. Because this is not a ‘standard’ business model (such as a restaurant, hairdresser, electrician, etc) there are not too many similar businesses to use as a barometer. I felt it needed to be quite a content heavy site too, so there was lots of research to do on all the different elements before being able to create the copy.

However, as is often the case, the biggest challenges bring the greatest rewards because Rob & Liz were very happy with the content I created (and images used) and had very few amendments before the site went live.

Click here to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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