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Norden Dust Covers Ltd
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Norden Dust Covers is a great, niche SME business located in Rochdale, Lancashire.

Established in 1986, it supplies premium quality cotton dust covers and other temporary protection products to the trade and retail stores throughout the UK.

I met the business owner, John Walton, after he had finally bowed to pressure from his wife and children that he needed to bring the business into the 21st century and get a website! 🙂

I first created this website in the middle of 2018 but two years later, just after the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic, John asked if I would add an Online Shop for his full stock range to the site.

Many business owners began to realise the necessity of being able to sell their products online at this time and it probably accelerated the (beginning of the) transition by several years.

On the individual product pages – such as Dust Sheets, Protection Films, Floor Protection & Other Products – the different types and variations of products are displayed in a ‘Tab Layout’ from which visitors can click through to find more details.

Images are very important for any website, but particularly so when displaying products. And in this case there isn’t a huge selection of stock photos for cotton dust sheets and protective films to choose from either!

We had to make sure that there was a consistency in presentation & lighting etc across all the photo’s and quickly came to the conclusion that the best way to do this would be by using a professional photographer.

Through my connections I was able to find a photographer who took some great photo’s at a very reasonable price. I managed everything about the whole photo-shoot process for the client.

Click here to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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