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Freaky Shakes Website By Customology

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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology

Being closely connected to the local business network in Todmorden which has (not intentionally) had much more of a bearing and focus on the town centre’s “high street” businesses, I was delighted to be asked to create a brand new and first-ever site for this local, independent, decorating supplies shop.

Paint & Paper has occupied the same high street location for over 25 years but in 2022 was taken over by new owners following the original founder’s well-earned retirement.

The business does “what it says on the tin” (very apt I know!) – sells paint and wallpaper plus associated decorating sundries to Trade and DIY customers. The new owners, Leanne and Mark are very passionate about the business and knowledgeable about their stock range as Leanne is a qualified painter and decorator of many years.

I’ve spoken more about the business than I normally would because…

a) I think it’s great that we still have these independent businesses in our town centres and we need to support them, and

b) there’s not too much that’s different and “fancy” about the composition of the website for me to expand upon!

It’s fairly ‘standard’ in that it has a Home Page with an Introduction to the business, an introduction to the different product ranges the business has to offer (with links to the individual pages), and finally a section ‘About’ the business itself.

The individual pages provide much more details about the product ranges the shop carries so that the visitor can find out quite a bit straight away, without having to call or make an enquiry.

Great consideration was given to it being the type of business that most people would be looking to find out more about on their mobile phones, not that this is not the case for any website these days!

Having said that, I am pleased with the final styling of the header, footer and some other background elements which frame and embellish the nature of this business.

Click here… to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology