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Freaky Shakes Website By Customology
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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology

Powder Coating Touch-Up Pens


I was already aware of PreTreat Ltd because their offices are less than 200 metres from my office and I walk or drive past them at least twice a day! They got in contact after finding me through a Google search for a local website design company.

They already had a website for their primary business in the Formulation & Manufacture of Speciality Chemicals for the Metal Finishing Industry but wanted a standalone site for one of their most popular consumable products, Powder Coating Touch-Up Pens.

Up until now, orders were received via either email or phone and had to be dealt with manually, including payments. As this side of the business grew this process was becoming more laborious and time-consuming, so they decided they needed an online, automated, eCommerce solution.

This is certainly one of the most modern and ‘funkiest’ sites I’ve created so far, with its inspiration coming from having splodges of paint in the background. The hamburger-style navigation menu, which slides down when clicked to reveal the webpage options, is a feature I’ve not used previously either.

At first glance the most important part of the website, the Online Store, looks as simple and straightforward as it’s possible to be. However, there is more to it than first meets the eye.

There is basically just one product, but within this there are three different finish options (variations). There is also a reducing unit price for increased order sizes – and increasing postage rates at the same quantity thresholds. So all this needs to be reflected in the final pricing at the Checkout.

Technically it’s not that hard to achieve – once you take time to consider the visitor’s journey and how to make their user experience as simple, easy and intuitive as it’s possible to be.

I’m really happy with how this site turned out, both in its styling and functionality.

Click here… to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology