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How The Previous Website Looked

Sophisticated Savers


Sophisticated Savers is the vision of two people – Rebekah Caine & Michelle Collins – with a passion to help people with a lust for life and some disposable income, to both save and spend their money better.

At it’s core is a large quantity of high quality blogs about how you can get the best out of life whilst still being savvy with your money.

The site can earn money if and when visitors go on to use any third party services linked to on the website. “Affiliate commissions” are paid by the company receiving the visitor’s business. The visitor doesn’t pay any more for this service, in fact they’ll usually save money because that’s the objective of the website. It really is a case that everyone wins.

When I first spoke with Rebekah it was because she had already realised that the existing website needed a complete redesign and was looking for help to do this.

What I immediately noticed was that the Home page had a overwhelming focus on the importance of Creating a Will (one of their core products at the time) and was trying to ‘sell’ straight away.

I believed that this was probably more likely to turn visitors off than to encourage them to delve deeper into the website, where there really were an excellent selection of interesting and informative blogs.

I suggested that we led with the lifestyle element of the site and repositioned the financial side as an equal rather than leading / dominant role. In doing so we retitled ‘Wealth Protection’ to ‘Smarter Finances’ and ‘Personal Success’ to ‘Lifestyle PLUS’ – extending the scope of the latter.

Rebekah & Michelle both had ideas on making the website more interactive and fun – and these were introduced into the new site. This included Personality Quizzes and Wine Review cards which flip over to reveal more details on the ‘reverse’ of the card.

The website’s colour scheme came from the original logo – which was reworked for the new site – plus the addition of a turquoise blue. Add to this a carefully chosen selection of quality images and considered style and the result is a high quality, fresh, bright, & vibrant site.

Sophisticated Savers was probably my most challenging of sites to date and certainly the largest at over a 100 pages of content including (at the time of publishing). 65 blog posts, 16 recipe pages and 20+ other pages. And because of this it was also one of my most rewarding upon it’s completion.

There are too many features to highlight here so please do check out the site for yourself and have a good ‘rummage’ around it. There really are some great & useful blogs, as I’ve already said.

You can click here to see the full website on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

How The Previous Website Looked