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Freaky Shakes Website By Customology

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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology

This was a very interesting and rewarding project to be involved with because when the business owner first came to me he had nothing other than an idea for a business name. Oh, and 40 experience and expertise in his trade!

The first thing I did, after purchasing the domain/website URL for his chosen business name, was to get in touch with a local graphic designer I’d worked with before to create some logo ideas.

Angela Richards presented half a dozen different concepts for the design and the business owner chose the one you see on the site today.

I then set about creating the website, whilst at the same time reaching out to a local photographer I knew to arrange the imagery.

Images are always important but even more so with an eCommerce (shop) site where you are selling high quality and price-point products.

All the product photography was shot in the photographer’s studio and he also went into the business’s workshop to take the incidental images.

I have created a few e-commerce websites before but the variety of options on each product – fabric, size, length & number of buttons – led me to a process and software for selection that was new (to me).

The judgement of a website should only partially be in how it looks. The most important factor is that it offers an easy & intuitive user / visitor / customer experience – and helps them get to where they want to be as easily and quickly as possible. The buzzword these days is “frictionless”.

That was the intention of this design and the organisation of the shopping area of this site and hopefully it achieves that.

This project was much more than ‘just‘ creating a website – it was ultimately about creating a brand.

Click here… to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology