Your Brand New Customology Website

What Happens Now?


New WordPress Website Security & Maintenance Package From Customology

I’d like to sincerely thank you once again for entrusting me with the creation of your brand new website. I hope that not only are you totally happy with it, but also that it enhances your business and generates more customers / clients for many years to come.

By now you should have received your personal username and password to access your website – and some other relevant details you may need too. Please keep these somewhere safe and secure – and where you’ll remember when you need them!

You will have also almost certainly have received some logo’s and/or image files too for your future use. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about anything whatsoever.

New WordPress Website Security & Maintenance Package From Customology

What Happens Next?

Now that your website has been completed and handed over it is your property and your choice on how you’d like it to be maintained going forward. I would say there are really three alternatives.

1) I can look after everything for you on an ongoing basis under my Website Maintenance, Management & Support Plan

2) You can contact me to do any content updates & amendments on an ad hoc basis whenever you need to and take care of the regular maintenance updates yourself

3) You can take full control of everything and manage any amendments and updates yourself, or with the help of a reasonably knowledgeable employee, family member, or freelancer.

Things to consider when making a decision on this may include: how confident you are to make your own updates, how often you might want to make amendments or additions to your site, whether you already have someone in mind who can maintain and update it for you, and of course budget.

You may well be thinking, “Exactly what updates need to be done on my website on a regular basis?” so let’s have a look at that right now.

Ongoing care & maintenance of Your New Website

Google Analytics Reporting from Customology

Unfortunately, now you have your new website up and running it’s not something you can totally forget about. It will need some regular attention and ‘maintenance’ to keep things running smoothly and to reduce the risk of issues occurring in the future.

Why and what you need to do is explained in more detail in the first section on the Website Maintenance, Management & Support page.

But put most simply, it’s important to make sure that all of your website’s software is kept regularly updated. Ideally at least once a month.

Google Analytics Reporting from Customology

Unsure about what ‘cover’ you need?

Every business’s website is important to them, otherwise you wouldn’t have invested in having one built. However some business’s website will be more important in driving enquiries & customers and will have a more quantifiable value to their business. ie, If it goes down for any reason then they may lose money.

If this is you, and/or you are likely to have fairly regular additions and amendments to your site, then the Maintenance, Management & Support Plan may not only provide peace of mind that everything is being taken care of for you, but may also be the most cost efficient option.

If your website is not quite so critical to your business then you may choose to use me on an ad hoc basis for any additions or amendments, whilst carrying out the monthly maintenance tasks yourself.

Or of course you can get someone else to do everything for you.


I’ve probably already explained this before but ‘hosting’ is how your website is broadcast onto the world wide web using a supercomputer, or more accurately a ‘server’.

There are many hosting companies to choose from and with this comes a variation in quality of service too. A poor hosting provider may mean that your website is slow to load and potentially less secure and susceptible to hackers. You can pay anything from £50 a year to £50 a month for hosting – and more! – and generally the more you pay then the better you get. Faster, more secure and with guarantees about limiting downtime.

The company I use offer what I consider a really good service for reasonable price, but things can change and I do review this every year or two.

I do want to stress though that I can provide no guarantees about the hosting company that I use for the price charged. You are totally welcome to do your own research into hosting companies and I will willingly help to get your website hosting transferred over to your chosen provider with the minimum of fuss.

Hosting is a necessary part of having a website online and so it’s a service I offer to make things easier for clients, not as a real revenue stream.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Nowadays a website is a vital tool in presenting your business as a professional provider of the service you offer. However, it can of course only enhance and grow your business when people see it.

To some businesses just having a great website to which they can direct prospects when they meet or speak to them in person is all they want. Others may be looking to use it more proactively to generate more enquiries and sales.

If you are interested in finding out more about Customology’s Other Services to get your website working harder for you then please do get in touch.

If you have a local business that’s particularly looking to attract new customers / clients closer to you, then the SEO Booster Package may be of interest.

Featured Images

There is the option in the back end of each page of your website to add what is called a “Featured Image“.

The main benefit of including this is that if anyone shares a link of your web page on Social media or any other platform that has similar functionality, this image will then be displayed alongside the link.

As a default, I add either the photo that appears as the page header image or another photo displayed on the page if the header is not unique. So you will always have a photo displayed – apart from on the Cookie & Privacy Policy pages which you don’t really want to promote as such.

However, I can also create unique images that include your logo and keyword-specific text which will help your business to stand out more as it ‘pops up’ around the internet.

The cost for this service is just £50 for up to 10 images (pages), or is included within the Website Maintenance, Management & Ongoing Support Package for no extra charge.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more or place an order.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have any questions whatsoever then please do Get in Touch.

If I don’t hear from you then I’ll just assume that you’re wanting to take full ownership of your site from here on in – and that is genuinely totally fine.

Once again I thank you very much for your business and wish you all the very best for the future in yours.