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Freaky Shakes Website By Customology
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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology

This is the second website I’ve created for this business, following on from the Powder Coat Pen site I created in mid-2022. You can find out more about my history with the business at my Project Page for that site here.

PreTreat Ltd is a British-owned, independent company and now sits within the top 10% of suppliers of speciality pre-treatment and ancillary chemicals for the metal finishing industry in the UK.

The business had an existing website which had been created a few years ago but the owner felt it was not presenting the business to the level that was warranted – and asked me to update it after being delighted with the Powder Coat Pen site.

As you may get a hint of from the screenshot of the previous website here on this page, one of the main things letting it down was the quality of ‘stock images’ the previous developer had used.  They were quite antiquated and often out of place but, to be fair, it’s not the easiest of business niches to find good quality stock images for!

So for the new site, we mainly use images of ‘real-life’ metal finishing production lines that the business owner took photos of when visiting customers. This, along with a greater focus on the overall website visitor User Experience in the design, led to a site which makes the business stand out in its marketplace.

This site also includes a “Password Protected” page for confirmed customers to view and download the important product Information & Safety Data Sheets. Adding this means that now the business doesn’t have to supply them all ‘manually’ by email, if and when required.

Although this is a fairly easy-to-apply inbuilt feature of WordPress, it does need a bit of styling with code to make it work with the specific website design and individual requirements of the business.

Click here… to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

Previous Site & Comparison

Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology