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Freaky Shakes Website By Customology
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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Ice Cream Parlour Website By Customology

This is the third website I’ve created for this business, following on from the redesign of the parent business PreTreat Ltd late last year, and the Powder Coat Pen site I created in mid-2022. You can find out more about my history with the business on my Project Page for the very first site I created site here.

PreTreat Ltd is a British-owned, independent company and now sits within the top 10% of suppliers of speciality pre-treatment and ancillary chemicals for the metal finishing industry in the UK.

Since its outset, PreTreat has always used Salt Spray Testing to help test and develop its ever-growing and evolving range of pre-treatment products, a process which it quickly brought in-house. It then extended this service offering to its clients and other metalworking manufacturers across the UK.

The previous existing site was quite old, antiquated, and not user-friendly to either mobile OR desktop device visitors. There was no website navigation as such on the Home / Landing Page of the site, just a small text link saying “find out more” which led you fully into the site. You may be able to see this on the screenshot of the previous website here on this page. What you can see here is all there was and no other wording on the page was ‘clickable’.

Although the first Powder Coat Pens website has its own individual, bespoke look and styling I wanted the Salt Spray Test site to be much closer and recognisable to the parent site. So everything about it is very similar apart from the colour which, very appropriately I think, is named Sea Blue!

As with all the websites I create, imagery is very important and we were lucky to be able to take some photos of the salt spray testing machinery and test process within the business premises themselves.

Click here… to see the website live on your current device – and please do get in touch if I may be able to help with improving the performance of your website, or growing your business in any way.

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Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology
Freaky Shakes Milkshake Bar & Cakery Website By Customology